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by Blacksoul
Tue 30. Dec 2014, 03:58
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Topic: [Fixed] Mediaminer Error
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[Fixed] Mediaminer Error

In trying to download a story from this website, I've encountered that the program detects author, story title, chapter titles and various other things, but seems unable to download the text of the story. Rechecking with various other stories in, both single chapter and multi-chapter fics, I ...
by Blacksoul
Fri 31. Jan 2014, 02:14
Forum: Version 0.7.* - 0.9.*
Topic: [Old] problems
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Re: problems

Having done all the steps and checked that it works as described for AO3 and other archives, I tried several FFN stories. In all of them, I got blank screens. No error messages or anything. Just blank screens. And the testdownload files that result from trying to save those blank screens result in 0...