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by linger
Mon 17. Oct 2011, 02:40
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Site Request-
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Re: Site Request-

I'd never heard of this site before, but now I'm glad I have. I love how it's non-profit, and it has some nifty features. I second the request.
by linger
Mon 17. Oct 2011, 02:39
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Site Request:
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Site Request:

It's a popular site for fanfiction of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (of that whole "brony" phenomena). Making the case for it's worthwhile-ness:

- It currently has 969 stories
- 1,896 registered users (considering most readers won't register, I haven't)
- 1,516,485 chapter view
by linger
Wed 20. Apr 2011, 01:42
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Series name in "Set outputfilename"
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Series name in "Set outputfilename"

I think it'd be useful if the series name could be added to the output file name. I'm not sure what letter it should be, since "%s" is already story name...but maybe something like "%c" for category?