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by Medico69
Mon 28. Feb 2011, 10:52
Forum: News
Topic: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)
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Re: Version 0.1.0 published (23. Feb 2011)

Hi, I've changed the naming to "Downloaded Revision" and "Current Revision" If there's a difference then it'll be bold. I took the quick'nDirty way for the date...And then I've even mixed it with the german way to display a date. I'll think about it. I hope nobody kills me if I delete the saved his...
by Medico69
Mon 14. Feb 2011, 01:53
Forum: Feature request
Topic: Request -
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Request -

Could add support for

A sample link so you can see a story is: .

Many thanks,
by Medico69
Sun 9. Jan 2011, 23:11
Forum: Version 4.0.x
Topic: Continuing Problems
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Re: Continuing Problems

I tried both 4.0.5 and 0.0.J and 405 won't get the file but 00J does it right well. Maybe it is a setting in 405 that wasn't updated when FF changed their settings.