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by bahnannah
Sun 15. May 2011, 19:23
Forum: Version 0.2.0
Topic: author part not working (Solved 0.3.0)
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author part not working (Solved 0.3.0)

up until today, the part where the author goes has worked just fine. but for some reason, today it's not working. i uninstalled and reinstalled it and it is still not grabbing it. any reason why? is it just me? help please. i use your program so much.
by bahnannah
Wed 13. Apr 2011, 00:36
Forum: Version 0.2.0
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the new downloader says that**** is not yet supported, but it works with the older version all the way back to 4.06 just peachy.
by bahnannah
Sun 10. Apr 2011, 13:55
Forum: Feature request
Topic: request for a couple of sites
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request for a couple of sites

first off, you are a life saver and me and my kindle adore you for creating your downloader. i can't tell you how many times i've recommended it to people. i'd like to request that the following sites be added if possible: http://...