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[Old] problems

Posted: Thu 30. Jan 2014, 22:48
by Raimond

I know about the problems with at the moment.
The difficult thing is that not everyone is affected.

could you please download this testprogram:

IMPORTANT: Please do this only if you are experience problems with FFDL at the moment, otherwise it won't help me!!

Basically it's a normal webbrowser with the code of FFDL in the background.
1.)Enter the link of a fanfiction, and click on Request page.
It'll download the website and display it in the window.
The formatting will be strange and it's without pictures. THATS NOT A PROBLEM!

2.) scroll down to the are where the chapter is normally displayed.
Is it there? Is there a error message? --> tell me about it

Klick on "SAve result" to store this website.

Do the same think with 2-3 different stories, then send me a mail with the stored files and the infos from 2.)

Thanks a lot for your help.


Re: problems

Posted: Fri 31. Jan 2014, 02:14
by Blacksoul
Having done all the steps and checked that it works as described for AO3 and other archives, I tried several FFN stories.

In all of them, I got blank screens. No error messages or anything. Just blank screens. And the testdownload files that result from trying to save those blank screens result in 0 byte archives.

For whatever it is worth, this also seems to be happening with the Calibre plugin that had the same name as your program. Used to work fine, if slowly. Now it doesn't work at all.

Re: problems

Posted: Sat 1. Feb 2014, 08:55
by Ravana
I am unable to unzip supplied archive. Image

Re: problems

Posted: Thu 6. Feb 2014, 05:38
by romero
Thanks Raimond. The new version works great.

Re: problems

Posted: Mon 10. Feb 2014, 19:40
by rika24
this is also happening with the mac version 0.8.9 (along with the status bar still not finishing)

Re: problems

Posted: Tue 4. Mar 2014, 02:08
by MeinGimli
FFnet making problems again. FFDL is downloading but then it cant convert it into pdf. it says converting but thats it. i have tried it several times but usually after converting for 5-10 mins i close FFDL. after that i have a pdf file in the order but its damaged and cant be opened.

Re: problems

Posted: Wed 9. Apr 2014, 20:22
by MeinGimli
Der OCSP-Server hat keinen Status für das Zertifikat. (Fehlercode: sec_error_ocsp_unknown_cert)

Hat jemand eine Ahnung was das heisst. ich komme nicht mal mehr auf ffnet. Die werden doch den Laden nicht zusperren.