Filename... Windows (DONE)

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Filename... Windows (DONE)

Post by ranko » Wed 1. Dec 2010, 17:17

Hi there,

Can we have an option on how it decides to name the outputted file, be it PDF, HTML, ePub etc.

at the moment I think its 'author - story title'

I loved how in the old version of the fanfiction download program you made it simply used just the story title.


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Re: Filename... Windows

Post by Raimond » Thu 2. Dec 2010, 08:46

Hi Ranko,

there'll be an optional "change filename" option soon.


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Re: Filename... Windows

Post by prstlk » Thu 13. Jan 2011, 16:56


Has there been an update on this feature yet where it will save under the title of the story and not the author name? When I go looking for stories on my hard drive I usually look for the title - especially if I can't remember the author name.

Thanks - Love FanFiction Downloader!!!

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Re: Filename... Windows

Post by RachDvn » Sat 15. Jan 2011, 15:29

I prefer my files to be setup us "story - author" rather than the current method which is "author - story". I know there is an option to manually change the name, but it's a hassle to change it every time. I would absolutely love a program option that saved the file naming preference.

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