Editing before converting

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Editing before converting

Post by Taku » Thu 6. Oct 2011, 23:39

It would be nice feature if I could edit the story after the FFD created the html file. Some of the stories contain an endless mass of comments, spelling and formatting errors. Often this is easy enough to fix in a few minutes and makes reading the story a bit more fun.

I see a few ways to accomplish this:
Variant 1: There is a check box 'edit before converting' and if activated an editor will open and I can edit the story. Once I close the editor, calibre is started.

Variant 2: I download all the stories just to html and edit them. Then later I tell the FFD to convert all html files to the selected format.

Variant 3: The FFD has an list of all downloads and you can select a story to first edit it and then to convert it. (I think this one exists to some extent)


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Re: Editing before converting

Post by bahnannah » Sun 16. Oct 2011, 02:23

Actually, what would probably be easier for you to do is download it as html or doc or whatever. then do your corrections, and convert the file to whatever format you prefer using either calibre or docspal.com. Docspal is free and is my personal preference since calibre is a bit slow. Also, with docspal, it gives you the option to have the final file sent to your email once it's finished converting. Since the main goal, for Rai, is to provide us with a utility to download fanfiction, I think adding in an editing and conversion feature to fanfiction, if it's even possible, would probably jack up the entire size of the program, which Rai is diligently trying to keep to a small size. Hope this helps. Probably not, but it's just a suggestion.

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