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Site Request

Post by Lynn » Wed 27. Jun 2012, 05:15

If any of these sites ever made it on the program that would be awesome!

The Archive at the End the Universe-
The Spander Files-
CSI Forensics-
HP Fandom-
The Hex Files-
The All Ezra Fanfic Archive-
Area 52: The HKH Standard-

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Re: Site Request

Post by thetruthbetween » Tue 17. Jul 2012, 19:28

I'm gonna add as a request, too :D

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Re: Site Request

Post by troyguffey » Mon 12. Nov 2012, 11:44

My site request: (They do have a "print" feature but those produce unsatisfying results)


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Re: Site Request

Post by Aralaiqualasse » Wed 3. Jul 2013, 18:17


First off all, very thankful for your downloader.......You are the Saviour for fiction's fans....XD

Second, I would like to request for site below if you able to:
That's all, thank you

PS: Thank you for always update the FFD every time update their web

PPS: I am desperate in love with Asiafanfiction web since it has a lot of k-pop fics in it......TT__TT i promoted a lot of people from Winglin to go either Asianfanfic or AO3....So please......


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