request new site, please

You want a new feature? That's the place to talk about it.
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request new site, please

Post by dietshasta » Wed 29. Dec 2010, 23:18


how about a way to choose any fanfic site? i'm not sure that's possible but i thought it was worth asking about as i have loads of sites that i use. :) call me an addict and honestly it's not your fault but you are like heroin that i just can't live with out !

happy reading,

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Re: request new site, please

Post by Chandramas » Fri 14. Jan 2011, 20:29

May I suggest to add also and ? PLEASE?!

There are great story there! And this program is fantastic!

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Re: request new site, please

Post by Gaharay » Sun 16. Jan 2011, 18:59

I would really like Ashwinder and the petulant poetess to be supported:

I'd also love it if the X Files fic site Gossamer ( ) could be supported, but I suspect you'd have to pick one of the archives there.

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Re: request new site, please

Post by ricker23 » Fri 21. Jan 2011, 03:50

^^The Petulant Poetess has a feature to 'print' the entire story or just a chapter. Then all you do is copy and paste the complete fic into a Word document or something similar.

Would love Ashwinder though, and OWL:

And adding the Published date too.

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