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2 requests (Answered)

Posted: Mon 7. Feb 2011, 09:10
by calypso78
Hi, first of all, I'm french, so my english is quite bad...

To my mind, there are 2 features that you didn't put in the fanfiction downloader, the first is to put a list of links on the fanfiction downloader, and it downloads all the fanfiction of the list alone.

The second is to do the same thing, but with your favorite list : you put your favorites page : and it downloads all of your favorited fictions.

If you don't understand, I can say it differently.


PS : can I have the source code of your software?

Re: 2 requests

Posted: Mon 28. Mar 2011, 15:46
by Raimond
I'm thinking about including a listing field intead of the actual input. We'll see...

favor-List: Sry, thats not possible. The program is written so thats it's "easy" to include new pages.
There's no code prepared to add such a feature.

And the last request: sry, I'm not publishing the code.