A couple of requests

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A couple of requests

Post by Milford833 » Sat 19. Mar 2011, 05:45


On Cover page maybe a graphic of the website and if there is a story banner add that.

On the download history, allow it to sort by year, month and day so it will be easier to find the stories that have updated recently, or allow the checks to stay there after exiting the program, But you do not need to change the format of the date, just the way the date is sorted so the most recently updated file is at the top. You can also set it up in the configuration we can select the date format and so the person who likes a specific format will not have a problem with it.

And if the story is completed have a check box at the end of it on the download list that says completed, so when we go to download updates we know which story is completed so we do knot have to check the story or make the check box editable that we can check it if it is completed and then have it save that information so we know we do not need to download it or check it again, and gray out the check box to update unless the completed check box is unchecked.

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