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request for a couple of sites

Posted: Sun 10. Apr 2011, 13:55
by bahnannah
first off, you are a life saver and me and my kindle adore you for creating your downloader. i can't tell you how many times i've recommended it to people.

i'd like to request that the following sites be added if possible:

if any of these are possible, i'd be really grateful to you. thanks so much for allowing us to request things!

p.s. did you know that someone has kinda borrowed your idea and main a site called i don't know if they're affiliated with you or not. i didn't think so, but you might want to check that out if you haven't, just to see if they're trying to base their stuff off of yours.


Re: request for a couple of sites

Posted: Fri 17. Jun 2011, 19:39
by mindaink
Yes I hope you can add to the downloadable sites. It has over 65,000 fanfictions dedicated to the Harry Potter books. And it is one of the easiest fanfiction sites to browse in my personal opinion. Can you please try to get this site added Raimond? Thank you.

Re: request for a couple of sites

Posted: Fri 17. Jun 2011, 22:11
by lierian
I have reverted to using the previous version of fanfiction downloader because it is the one that has as one of the sites and the new version doesn't! :cry: I hope in future version you will restore to your list of sites included. There are so few good fic downloaders that convert to mobi that have Portkey listed and I love using yours for sending fics to my Kindle for reading. Hope to hear from you soon on whether it's possible to add back to the list of sites used with the new version! :?:

Re: request for a couple of sites

Posted: Fri 17. Jun 2011, 22:54
by Raimond

Please take a look at the poll on the downloadpage and vote for your sites.

There's no guarantee that I'll follow the order of the votes but i'll try it.
(e.g. yesterday ficwad was leading the poll so it's now programmed and will be available with the next version) looks like it !should! be easy to program... As long as there's no forced login for high rated stories.

Portkey is currently on the 5th place... let's see what happens.

At the moment it looks like I'll have a lot of time for programming in the time between sep '11 and feb '12

Yes I know the appspot downloader and (but that's my opinion) didn't like it.


Re: request for a couple of sites

Posted: Fri 17. Jun 2011, 22:59
by bahnannah
i only use it for and writerscoffeeshoplibrary. cause for some reason, when i save the pages as html and convert them to mobi in calibre, my kindle doesn't want to open them and it tries to freeze. but anything i save with your program works just fine.