requests for a site please

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requests for a site please

Post by kougalover123 » Tue 19. Apr 2011, 16:41

I know you are probably very busy but I was just curious if you could add these sites. an example is

And they have a sub site thats for an old archive which is an example of that is


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Re: requests for a site please

Post by Raimond » Fri 17. Jun 2011, 23:14


I've added it to the poll:
Now it depends on the votes


Jade Aislin
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Re: requests for a site please

Post by Jade Aislin » Thu 3. Nov 2011, 05:36

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but you have the dokuga site listed twice on the poll ('' and ''), which is breaking up the votes for it. Adding the two listed sites together may not get it into the top vote, but it would show better how many people really want this site (Including myself).

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