Series Downloads

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Series Downloads

Post by Lynn » Wed 27. Jun 2012, 04:43

What about being able to download a whole series of stories at once on sites like &

So instead of downloading each individual story it would download it all as one file. It would be easier to organize/read instead of having to hunt down each part of a series if you happen to have a huge library.

Love the downloader, makes it all sooo much easier even on slow dial up! Thanks a lot! :D

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Re: Series Downloads

Post by Raimond » Mon 16. Jul 2012, 10:29


that's a bit like the C2 feature on right?


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Re: Series Downloads

Post by RedneckDrow » Thu 26. Jul 2012, 18:09

Not exactly a C2 is a grouping of stories, not necessarily related ones.

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Re: Series Downloads

Post by Aralaiqualasse » Wed 3. Jul 2013, 18:35


sorry for disturb, I am also facing that problem.....

but I just manually (hand-type) change the files putting the series name in front of the fiction title...So all of them will be group under the same series name....since sometimes even if the series posted out new title, the previous one may also still in progress (not completed)....
The X Series 01_title
The X Series 02_title
The X Series 03_title

currently thankful for series usually all only not more than 10 title....but I found an author posted with more than 40 titles under a series....TT___TT this is the headeache, but I don't mind to do little hardwork to manage my files, since your FFD already a BIG BIG help for me....

Just to let you know...


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